The Goods, September 2023

Welcome back to The Goods! In this issue, we’re mixing it up and trying something new – our take on the top three things every communicator should know about the digital landscape as it relates to DEI, ESG, and AI right now. We delve into the cutting-edge developments that are shaping our world, from tech giants increasing their sustainability practices, to entertainment industry leaders championing diversity and equity in film. Bundle up, grab a pumpkin spiced latte, and read our newest insights.

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Apple Strives to Define Sustainability

Whenever Apple announces a new product or model, it’s guaranteed to make headlines. This year’s fall 2023 rollout was no exception, but not for the reasons you might anticipate.

A significant portion of the annual event emphasized how Apple’s latest products are its “greenest” yet, aligning with their ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. Notably, the Watch Series 9 stands out as Apple’s first carbon-neutral product, arriving seven years ahead of their corporate sustainability targets. Furthermore, the company has committed to replacing leather in their products with recycled materials.

In 2023, sustainability is a focal point for many brands. Where many companies fall short is in setting specific goals and providing transparent updates on their progress. This increased transparency not only holds brands accountable, it also generates excitement around their products and their mission. (Apple)

Disney’s New Era of DEI

In the face of government regulation, Disney is doubling down on its diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Disney+ has just announced the second season of Launchpad, an anthology series dedicated to showcasing a group of underrepresented, emerging filmmakers.

One of the most significant obstacles to success in the film industry is access to funding. Disney is taking concrete steps to support young and diverse talent by providing them with both financial resources and a prominent streaming platform to reach a wider audience.

Launchpad serves as an exemplary model for investing in DEI initiatives in new ways. Participants receive the necessary funding and creative autonomy to thrive, while Disney benefits from showcasing their creations and cultivating emerging talent. (Laughing Place)

Paving the Path to Responsible AI

AI is already exerting a profound influence on society, and Congress is under increasing pressure to take action. On September 13th, Chuck Schumer convened a closed-door Senate summit with industry leaders to deliberate on AI and chart a path towards government legislation. Schumer’s aim was ambitious yet commendable: bring together key stakeholders to engage in a comprehensive discussion regarding the benefits and drawbacks of generative language models and determine the most appropriate course of action for AI.

What distinguishes this AI summit is the involvement of crucial organizations and civic rights groups. Schumer’s inclusion of these groups underscores a clear commitment to regulating AI with a focus on diverse and vulnerable communities, not solely tech companies.

Although the concrete outcomes of the conference remain uncertain, reports indicate a unanimous consensus on the urgency of enacting legislation sooner rather than later. Anticipate that regulation will be a central topic in 2024, both within Congress and on the campaign trail. (AP News and Axios)

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