The Goods, February Edition 2024

Here at GSG, we’re a little skeptical that a rodent can predict the weather, but according to the groundhog, spring is right around the corner. Frankly, that is a prediction we can get behind! If you’ve been hibernating all winter, it’s time to rub the sleep from your eyes, take a big stretch, and join us for our latest installment of The Goods.

In this edition, we’re delving into a little bit of everything – digital stories that impact communications, a few updates from great organizations and companies leading the way, and an invite just for you.

The Goods is a newsletter for social impact communicators that helps you keep track of the latest updates, trends, industry best practices, and much more. This content is compiled and curated monthly by Jade FloydVictoria Dellacava, and Mia Saponara.

Snapchat rolled out a new brand campaign that bucks recent advertising trends in the social media space. Rather than favoring flashy influencers and entertainment, Snapchat has gone old-school with emphasis on a singular narrative: connecting with loved ones.

To emphasize their new focus, the campaign roll-out featured ads debuting at high-viewership events, from the Grammys to The Super Bowl. Snapchat’s Chief Creative Officer says that the platform will continue ramping up its presence at other events that resonate with users and foster connections.  

Experts agree that this repositioning may be an antidote to some of the scrutiny social platforms have faced, particularly surrounding social media’s professedimpact on teens. However, skeptics question if the campaign and Snapchat’s ad budget will be enough to elevate the platform to the status of other social media giants.

Though the campaign’s winning power remains to be seen, there is no doubt that Snapchat’s new focus on connection—a throwback to the original purpose of many social media platforms—clearly differentiates the brand from its competitors.


From Slack to X, the volume of internal digital communication options is overwhelming, and our communication choices can be dictated by several variables, including personal preference, seniority, work culture, industry, and even age. This has led to new challenges and communication mishaps in the workplace.

Communications professionals can elevate their internal messaging game by using the same strategic planning and targeted delivery as they do for external audiences.

Here are a few tips to avoid some of the most common internal messaging mistakes: 

  • Consider your audience: Your internal stakeholders have diverse interests and needs, and an all-purpose approach simply doesn’t cut it. Refine your communication with this in mind. 
  • Make it clear: To maintain your audience’s interest, make sure your message’s purpose is front and center.  
  • Be concise: Readers are more likely to read messages that are short and to-the-point. Enough said! 

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New Poll from Unlocking America’s Future  

new poll by Global Strategy Group and Unlocking America’s Future shows voters overwhelmingly oppose banning ESG. 49% of voters initially oppose banning ESG, and when they learn more opposition grows to 63%. More than seven in ten Americans find a range of consequences from ESG bans to be “serious,” including lower wages, worse working conditions, jobs being sent overseas, and higher interest rates. Three in five voters are concerned that “supporters of ESG bans do not care about the wellbeing of the middle class or American workers.” You can read more about the poll in POLITICO and Axios

The Raider’s Impact Report: A Post-Super Bowl Update 

All eyes were on Las Vegas as the Super Bowl headed to Allegiant Stadium this month. Ahead of the big game, the Las Vegas Raiders and Allegiant released their first ever impact report focused on their strides off-the-field. From design to construction, Allegiant Stadium was purpose-built to embrace best practices for the environment and it is one of the first NFL stadiums to be 100% powered by renewable energy. The GSG team worked with the Raiders to create the report highlighting their commitment to sustainability, DEI, and philanthropy within the Las Vegas community. Read the full report.

A Black History Month Presentation

In honor of Black History Month, we had the privilege of hearing from guest speaker, Trabian Shorters, who introduced us to Asset-Framing and highlighted the benefits of applying it to the work we do. Learn more and watch his full presentation here.

There is a lot at stake this election cycle: from the White House to statehouses, from abortion and voting rights, to our democracy’s future. As one of the country’s most prominent polling firms, we invite you to a webinar where our leading strategists will break down the numbers and give you an exclusive look at what’s shaping the future of politics and policy in America. 

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