The Goods, August 2023

The hot weather across the U.S. is not letting up any time soon – and neither is the news cycle. In this edition, we give our hot takes on communications surrounding rapidly advancing AI technology, the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation that’s popping up around the country, and more.

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At this point, we all know that artificial intelligence (AI) is going to change the way we live, work, and communicate. In fact, a study from The Conference Board shows communications professionals are ahead of the curve in using AI with a majority (60%) already incorporating AI into their daily workflow, and even more expecting AI to improve their productivity (82%). 

But how do we manage our reputation when AI makes it easier than ever for misinformation to spread? As PR Daily lays out, anyone can create a deepfake photo. It’s fast, cheap, and all you need is a little motivation to set the world ablaze with false images and information about an event, issue, organization, or leader. 

While there is no way to completely inoculate your organization against the harmful effects of AI, you need a good crisis management plan in place. Be ready to act and disseminate facts and statements fast. 

The topic of ESG is looming large for everyone from legislators to investment bankers. This year alone, 165 anti-ESG pieces of legislation have been introduced across the U.S, while Bloomberg says the ESG movement has forever changed the way the financial industry makes decisions.

In their recent study, “only 18% of respondents [in the finance industry] who identified themselves as using ESG in their work said the backlash against the label was stopping them from incorporating climate factors in their decision making.” 

Despite the term’s apparent stigma, bankers and consumers alike care about the social impact of their decisions. The way we communicate should continue to reflect the values that back ESG.

NBC News highlighted our client Educational Alliance’s work to provide safe spaces for LGBTQ+ children in New York City. Learn more about Educational Alliance’s initiative now.

In the face of increased anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, initiatives like this one are imperative for young people in the U.S. Earlier this month, transgender youth lost access to gender-affirming care in North Carolina when the state’s Republican-led General Assembly overrode Governor Cooper’s attempts to veto legislation blocking the essential healthcare. As communications professionals, now is a critical time to respond with clear messaging surrounding attacks on LGBTQ+ rights.

PR Daily emphasizes that to be an earnest ally and leader, communicators must take a stand rather than adopt laissez-faire attitudes to harmful policies.

Two GSG Partners, Erin Billings and Jim Papa, are named PRNEWS’ People of the Year! Both are tremendous leaders who work every day to ensure wins for our clients. Erin has been recognized as a standout Crisis Manager and Jim as a leader in Public Affairs.

Ever wonder what political consultants text each other about? GSG President Jefrey Pollock was featured on Bradley Tuck’s Firewall podcast to talk about everything from the potential Biden-Trump rematch to the historical Battle of Brooklyn. Listen now

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