GSG’s Eye on the Economy: March 2024

Global Strategy Group is releasing the next installment of our Eye on the Economy research series. Now in its fourth year, this latest report explores recent shifts in how voters view the economy today, their personal finances, and their outlook on the future.

Key findings include:

  • Voters’ assessment of the U.S. economy remains negative, though we may have turned a corner by which the deep pessimism we’ve seen over the past few years is starting to subside – with all partisan groups growing more optimistic.
  • Since last August, voters have grown less concerned about their personal finances, and while there has been notable improvement on how they see their finances, most still have a bleak outlook. Relatedly, overwhelming majorities say they are able to meet basic expenses today, however, attitudes towards affording those same items in the near future is more mixed.
  • There is a real generational divide that shapes what young voters want and expect from the economy. Voters under 30 years old are disproportionately more likely to believe more job opportunities will have a positive impact on their lives. They value having disposable income more than other age groups.
  • Voters recognize that this economy is affecting generations differently. A majority of voters across age groups believe things are financially harder for younger people today than for previous generations. Further, a plurality of all ages agree that the next generation will be worse off financially.
  • Two Parties. Two Economies. Partisanship fuels how voters perceive today’s economy and where they think the economy will be during the peak of election season this fall. Those who voted for Joe Biden in 2020 predict a stronger economy this fall, but the opposite is true of Donald Trump’s 2020 voting bloc.

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