The Goods, April 2023

In this month’s edition of The Goods, we help readers navigate the challenging ESG political landscape, discuss how communications professionals help companies and organizations build stronger relationships with their stakeholders, and we highlight the importance of including diverse perspectives in communications campaigns.

The Goods is a newsletter for social impact communicators that helps you keep track of the latest updates, trends, industry best practices, and much more. This content is compiled and curated monthly by Jade Floyd and the team at Global Strategy Group.

Quick Hit: The PR Council recently issued guidelines for the ethical use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in public relations. The new guidelines are designed to help communications professionals navigate the rapidly changing landscape of AI and ensure that they are using this technology in a responsible and transparent manner.

Your Takeaway: Be transparent about the data you collect and how it is used, and ensure that individuals’ privacy rights are respected. Avoid using AI to manipulate or deceive audiences in your communications, and consider the impact of your AI use on your stakeholders, like your clients, the public and your own organization. Continue to collaborate with experts in the field to ensure responsible AI usage. (PR Week

Quick Hit: Social media crises can have long-lasting negative effects on an organization, but they also present the opportunity to plan more proactively to limit the likelihood and impact of future public relations crises.

Your Takeaway: Respond quickly, keep the public informed, take responsibility and apologize for the situation when needed. Use social media to listen to feedback and respond to concerns from your stakeholders and find ways to engage them to find solutions moving forward. Conduct a thorough review of your crisis management plan and make necessary changes to prevent similar incidents in the future. (Fast Company)

Quick Hit: While using the right ESG terminology is crucial, not everyone understands the nuances of complex messaging. Businesses should focus on communicating the business impact of their ESG efforts in simple terms.  

Your Takeaway: Stakeholders want to know how ESG efforts affect business operations and the bottom line. (PR News)

Quick Hit: Many companies focus on storytelling and communications efforts to promote their ESG efforts, but they run the risk of exaggerating efforts before they are fully realized.  

Your Takeaway: Define your purpose and they “why” behind your ESG approach. From there, work with your team to conduct a double materiality assessment to see how your company’s operations impact the environment, and how the environment impacts your company’s operations. Monitor ESG regulations closely to ensure you are aligned with standards, and use data to guide your initiatives and communications around them. (Forbes)

Quick Hit: ESG has become increasingly politically charged so communicating about ESG practices is more important than ever for global brands. 

Your Takeaway: Ensure that messaging regarding the management and board governance remains strong, particularly with regard to governance practices concerning environmental and social issues. (Harvard Law School)

Quick Hit: DEI initiatives are not just a matter of optics or marketing your company, they are critical for improving employee engagement, creativity, and productivity. 

Your Takeaway: Create opportunities for collaboration across teams to build a shared sense of purpose. Create opportunities for employees from different backgrounds to lead DEI efforts through employee resource groups diverse perspectives and insights are heard. (Ad Age)

Quick Hit: Harness diverse perspectives to create more inclusive communications strategies. Campaigns that fail to do so risk alienating audiences and missing out on opportunities for innovation.

Your Takeaway: Use inclusive visuals and language to ensure that messages are received positively by multiple audiences and avoid stereotypes. Seek partnerships with organizations representing people from different backgrounds and leverage new thought leaders to reach expanded audiences. (Forbes)

ICYMI: Business and Politics Report Webinar by The Goods 

This month, GSG’s Jade Floyd and Matt Canter dove into findings from GSG’s recently released Business and Politics Report in a special webinar. The tenth annual report, entitled The Shifting Politics of Doing Good in America, examines the political landscape around recent attacks on companies engaging in environmental social governance (ESG) initiatives. 

Want to have this data presented to your organization, let us know. 

ICYMI: Public Opinion on Climate: The State of Play 2023 

This week, GSG’s Andrew Baumann and Melissa Bell hosted a discussion sharing the latest insights from our latest climate research. The research took an in-depth look at voters’ current attitudes and opinions on climate and energy issues and the two parties’ energy agendas, while providing messaging guidance to advance progressive action on climate.

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