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With deep experience across communications, public affairs, research, and digital and paid media, our team members utilize the following methodologies, tactics, and approaches to deliver insights, execute campaigns, track progress, and measure success for our clients. Our critical insights combined with breakthrough creative strategies generate urgency among key audiences, helping our clients to build their reputations, tackle big challenges, and win campaigns. 

Communications Services | Public Affairs Services | Digital Services | Research Services

Communication Services 

Media relations 

Coverage carries weight. Access Global Strategy Group’s strong relationships with reporters and media outlets at national, state, and local levels to generate positive corporate stories and commentary. Get your message communicated and reinforced by the publications your key audiences engage with. Elevate your narrative and build your corporate reputation with sustained and proactive media outreach. 

Media strategy and monitoring 

Compelling messages spread. We craft influential media plans, spanning social media, search engines, websites, TV, and radio, to influence decision-makers and win public support across corporate reputation or issue advocacy campaigns. Our proactive media monitoring ensures timely responses to critical news and relevant engagement as media conversations shift. 

Crisis communications 

No two crisis scenarios are the same. We collaborate with you to anticipate, plan for, and manage potential and active crises. Our detailed approach to crisis plans includes specific communication and stakeholder engagement strategies tailored to each situation. With our monitoring system, we track relevant mentions, legal updates, and news coverage, providing regular status reports and timely alerts. From crisis planning and preparation to crisis response and reputation recovery, we help you work across channels to build and repair your business’ corporate reputation. 

Collateral development 

The message is the medium. We develop the best strategic communications messages for your target audiences and determine the most effective channels to deliver those messages. Timely and relevant content with an authentic, personalized voice plays an important role in keeping your audiences engaged. 

Executive visibility 

Authoritative voices command attention. We develop custom thought leadership strategies to boost your executives’ social media presence, positioning them as experts in the industry. Global Strategy Group has worked with a number of CEOs and leaders from corporations in highly regulated industries to hone their stories. Our approach to executive positioning combines media outreach, storytelling, and relationship-building, tailored to your executives’ unique strengths. 

Internal & employee communications 

Engage and activate to build reputation. We empower you to effectively engage and communicate with internal audiences such as employees and stakeholders. By identifying and utilizing the most effective channels, we develop internal communications plans with accurate information, engagement tools, and compelling messaging to amplify on-brand narratives in your employees’ roles. 

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reporting 

Performance is measurable. We develop measurable KPIs and examine them at critical checkpoints in our performance marketing process to ensure engagement tracks success the same way your stakeholders do. Our media planning and buying teams collaborate regularly with your internal communications team to deliver quantified progress and to solicit your feedback on our agency’s performance.  

Public Affairs Services 

Integrated campaign management 

Accountability drives effectiveness. We coordinate, design, and run government and media relations, stakeholder engagement, and digital media to drive your public affairs goals. We recognize that there are a multitude of channels to monitor public affairs data points and as such, provide regular updates on campaign performance and real-time adjustments based on audience engagement or sentiment. 

Multi-state campaigns 

One-stop-shop for impactful outreach. We build reputations, elevate impact, and ultimately secure contracts at the state and local level, by developing customized public affairs strategies that include state-specific messaging, landscape audits, stakeholder mapping, influencer analysis, strategic lobbying, partner management, coalition development, and earned media placements.  

Stakeholder engagement 

Who you know makes all the difference. We pinpoint crucial influencers and connections for you and facilitate introductions. Equipped with background information and strategies, we initiate public affairs conversations to reach decision-makers, members of the public, and influential third parties. We leverage our expertise in executive decision-making to build coalitions and online communities that support your advocacy goals. Our outreach is bolstered by mobilizing grassroots supporters. 

Grassroots mobilization 

Organization powers persuasion. We craft targeted public affairs campaigns that mobilize grassroots supporters to amplify your story through organized efforts, providing coverage in differing geographies across range of audiences and communities, all with the goal of swaying decision-makers. We multiply the impact of this grassroots support by coordinating it with stakeholder outreach. 

Coalition building 

Outside validation builds trust. Global Strategy Group’s public affairs team identifies and connects you to third party validators that amplify your policy goals and messages. We conceptualize and guide the creation of coalitions, from identifying important allies to developing and promoting supporting materials, to ensure that supportive third parties voice your policy goals.  

Digital Services 

Creative and brand development 

Compelling visuals arrest attention. We design creative brand assets and develop specific content for advertising and organic promotion, bringing testimonials and compelling statistics to life. We develop and present creative concepts and collaborate with your team to execute creative direction informed by data and feedback. 

Social and digital paid media 

The right message to the wrong target is wasted effort. We create and boost engaging media, employing geotargeting and targeted social ads for precise audience reach. Through social media ‘bootcamps’, content calendars, and creative assets, we ensure your campaigns gain visibility across priority platforms. 

Social media listening and auditing 

Access to a wider array of audience views. We identify and prioritize focus topics that will be most impactful for your campaign goal. Utilizing advanced social listening tools, our social media analytics team assesses your corporate social media presence and provides insights that will guide your messaging. Armed with insights, we calibrate and amplify your corporate social media presence. 

Digital content and video production 

Digital natives respond to graphics, animations, and video. To communicate compelling stories, Global Strategy Group’s video production team uses visual effects, computer and 3D animation, and video. We publish graphics, animations, and video content across social media, YouTube, and select apps, leveraging pre-roll assets or custom video footage from GSG’s in-house creative agency, The L@B. 

Research Services 

Survey research 

Data driven messages resonate. Global Strategy Group’s in-house research team uses innovative methodologies, unique survey construction, and analysis to test campaign messaging, delivering actionable recommendations to resonate with target audiences. Utilizing online and telephone surveys, we provide guidance on key words, frames, and perceptions, enabling us to measure and track the success of our corporate and political messaging for your communications and public affairs results. 

Focus groups 

Frame of reference shapes perception and behavior. We directly engage audiences or communities in focus groups – actively listening for the sentiments, emotions, and tonality that influence how your target audiences and communities receive and interpret information. We listen to the specific words and phrases audiences use in these conversations to inform strategic messaging and communication plans that will resonate. 

Social media panels 

Social media is home. Our multi-panel surveys reach voters and consumers where they are, using social media as a crucial platform to reach survey participants with minimal biases. This cost-effective method ensures a representative sample that provides you with meaningful data and relevant analysis. 

Landscape and policy analysis 

Successful initiatives are contextually aware. We review media coverage and federal, state, and local policy landscapes, assessing sentiment, opportunities, threats, and whitespace. This informs tailored initiatives to enhance your reputation, foster goodwill among audiences, and align policy decisions with your interests. 

In-depth interviews 

Compelling insights live beneath the surface. We uncover the language, framing, assumptions, concerns, and biases that drive engagement and action. One-on-on interviews with key internal and external audiences equip us to understand context and dive deep into underlying perceptions. 

Predictive modeling 

Preparation wins the game. We conduct advanced predictive modeling that allows our research to be both efficient and accurate. Proprietary research models utilize both qualitative and quantitative data to provide insights on effective messaging that will serve your goals.