With deep experience across a range of disciplines, our team members utilize the following methodologies, tactics, and approaches to deliver insights, execute campaigns, track progress, and measure success.

Survey research
Data driven messages resonate. We test the effectiveness of your message with innovative methodologies, unique approaches to survey construction, and rigorous analysis, delivering actionable recommendations to connect and resonate with target audiences.

Social media listening and auditing
Access to a wider array of audience views. We work with you to identify topic areas you want to focus on and, using proprietary sophisticated social listening tools, we analyze how your current social media presence (content, followers, and engagement) aligns with that objective. Armed with that information, we make recommendations to calibrate and amplify your presence online.

Focus groups
Frame of reference shapes perception and behavior. We engage directly with your audience or community in small group settings – actively listening for the sentiments, emotions, and tonality that influence how they receive and interpret information. We listen to the specific words and phrases people use in these conversations to inform strategic communication that will resonate.

Landscape and policy analysis
Successful initiatives are contextually aware. We conduct comprehensive reviews of media coverage as well as federal, state, and local policy landscapes that frame and impact your issues. We examine audience and stakeholder sentiment, look at opportunities and threats, and help to uncover the whitespace. This analysis allows us to design and communicate initiatives that bolster your reputation, build goodwill among your audiences, and encourage policy decisions aligned with your interests.

In-depth interviews
Compelling insights live beneath the surface. We uncover the language, framing, assumptions, concerns, and biases that drive engagement and action. In-depth, one-on-on interviews with key internal and external audiences equip us to understand context and dive deep into underlying perceptions.

Stakeholder mapping
Who you know makes all the difference. We identify the linchpins and key influencers you should establish relationships with — and we reveal the network of connections that will facilitate introduction. Our team provides the background information, tools, and strategies to engage and begin conversations.