Robert Lee

Senior Vice President, Head of Creative

Robert Lee is SVP, Head of Creative at Global Strategy Group where he leads creative strategy for clients across the Fortune 100 and mid-markets, as well as for major advocacy and nonprofit organizations.

Robert was formerly SVP, Global Creative Director at Newsweek, where he re-imagined the legacy publication’s entire creative and content footprint– from ux/ui to storytelling and content creation across digital, print, experiential and branded content arenas. He has served as VP, Creative Director, at Kenneth Cole, as well as at Publicis, NY, where he built the Champion brand for 8 years. Robert created Capital One’s now-famous tagline “What’s in your wallet?” which has been consistently used since 2001. He has worked for Donna Karan on her philanthropy, Urban Zen Foundation, and various brands including Ralph Lauren, Givenchy, Jimmy Choo, Justin Bieber Fragrances, Microsoft, BMW, Maserati, Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. Robert has creative directed a music magazine with Craig Tilford, former art director of the seminal UK publication, The FACE, and continues to do creative sidebars in various mediums.

He is also the founder of Howl Group in Brooklyn, NY, an advertising/design collective. Robert received his BA from Rutgers College in New Brunswick, NJ.