Joey Teitelbaum

Senior Vice President, Research

Pronouns: She/Her/They/Them

As a child, Joey Teitelbaum was easy to pick out from the crowd at Baltimore Orioles games as she was the lone six-year-old diligently keeping score. When she went off to college, she kept statistics for the University of Virginia basketball and baseball teams. And now, for over a decade, she has used that knack for understanding not just what the data say, but what they mean from a communications standpoint, to help advise think tanks, issue advocacy organizations, and political campaigns.

Joey has led polling for local, state, and federal candidates across the country, from her native state of Maryland where she helped elect Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, Baltimore County Executive Johnny O, and Governor Wes Moore; to Arizona where her work has helped Democrats flip seats up and down the ballot, including in the U.S. Senate; and out west where she has led research for Katie Porter (CA-47) and Robert Garcia (CA-42).

Joey is passionate about electing pro-choice and queer candidates, but she is proudest of her work defending the rights and freedoms of people to control their own bodies, having led the research to defeat anti-abortion ballot amendments in Colorado (2020), Kansas (2022), and Kentucky (2022). Joey is also one of the country’s leading experts on attitudes toward guns and gun violence, having conducted dozens of qualitative and quantitative research projects for Everytown for Gun Safety, Giffords, the Joyce Foundation, and Project Unloaded.

If Joey isn’t working, there’s a 99% chance she and her fiancée are sleeping, hiking, or skiing. There’s a 1% chance she’s watching her beloved Orioles lose or her beloved ‘Hoos win.