Emily Williams

Vice President, Digital Communications

You can learn a lot about a person from a quick perusal of their online profiles. For example, Facebook tells us that Emily is from Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, and has a sister named Jane. On Instagram, you’ll learn that she practices yoga, has two cats, and loves the beach. According to LinkedIn, Emily is an expert in online advertising, strategic communications, political campaigns, and digital strategy.

Online profiles are not the be-all, end-all, of course, but understanding who people are and what motivates them has fascinated Emily since the pre-internet days and has helped shape her work and point of view on the use of digital and social media for her clients. At GSG, Emily builds on over a decade of experience crafting digital engagements for a wide range of organizations seeking to build awareness, drive action, and target niche audiences.

Prior to GSG, Emily was Vice President of Blueprint Interactive and the 2008 online advertising campaign manager for Obama for America. She was a 2010 Campaigns & Elections “Rising Star.”