Democrats in Colorado remain better positioned than Republicans. Meanwhile, sizeable majorities believe Trump is guilty and unfit to serve. Initiative 50 is not well-positioned to pass.

Welcome to The Mountaineer, a resource for progressives and a guide for advocates across Colorado, published by GSG and ProgressNow Colorado. Research presented in this publication is the result of a survey conducted between June 17 and June 24, 2024 (before the first presidential debate on June 27), among 800 registered voters in Colorado. The margin of error at the 95% confidence level for Colorado voters is +/- 3.5%. The margin of error on sub-samples is greater. ​

This fifteenth publication will focus on the political landscape and the major issues voters are focused on the summer ahead of the presidential election, as well as the Republican brand – including the recent ruling of a Manhattan jury that determined Donald Trump’s guilt on 34 felony counts.

  • Democrats maintain consistent advantages on multiple partisan metrics. They also hold the lead as being more trustworthy on major issues. While the Democratic Party’s leader Governor Polis continues to be popular, Republicans in Colorado, including Boebert, are still well-underwater.
  • The GOP brand is hurting. Majorities believe that Colorado Republicans are “embarrassing,” “out of touch,” and want to ban abortion more than they want to fix the economy. They see Republicans’ fealty to Trump as most concerning. Once voters are exposed to recent actions taken by the Colorado GOP, voters move even further against the party, which they label as “extreme” and “hateful.”
  • Sizable majorities believe Trump is guilty and unfit to serve. More than three-in-five voters say that, with respect to the Manhattan criminal case, Trump did commit a crime and that he thinks he’s above the law. A similar majority believes that, as a convicted felon, Trump is unfit to serve again. So, it’s not a surprise that it makes voters less likely to vote for the former president.
  • Initiative 50 is not popular. A plurality of voters oppose the proposal that would require voter approval to allow local governments to retain property revenue above a certain level. Support is just 34%, well below the 55% threshold to pass.

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