GSG’s new report looks beyond the buzz, uncovering public priorities around new AI technology 

Businesses are moving to harness the power of AI at ever-increasing speeds. But Global Strategy Group’s latest research reveals that only a core group of Americans are paying close attention – if you can define the word deepfake or have ever used a Generative AI tool like ChatGPT, you’re in the minority of Americans across the country.  

Global Strategy Group’s report on perceptions, priorities, and expectations around AI unpacks heightened public skepticism toward the technology and reveals significant risks for companies looking to incorporate AI into their operations. This new data points to a clear appetite for increased government regulations as we head into the Artificial Intelligence era. The report also sheds light on conversations taking shape in the workplace. It’s clear that a transparent engagement with policymakers, employees, and consumers alike is critical when navigating the AI conversation. 

Key insights include: 

  • Voters broadly are skeptical and concerned about the repercussions of AI. In fact, since last year, we’ve seen an 11 point increase in voters saying AI will have more of a negative impact on society
  • 67% of voters agree that there should be more government regulations of AI, showing bipartisan support on the issue.  
  • 69% of voters think AI poses a threat to the workforce. As corporations integrate AI into their workplaces, they should be prepared to address their employees’ concerns. 
  • Proactive efforts to familiarize and educate workers about AI and the opportunities presented by it are essential, as 88% of voters stated that companies have a duty to prepare employees for AI integration

Click here to read the full report on AI public opinions conducted by Global Strategy Group.