Justin Lapatine moderates a thought-provoking discussion at City & State’s 2023 Transportation in New York Summit 

City & State hosted their 2023 Transportation in New York Summit on October 25, where GSG Partner Justin Lapatine moderated The Transporting all of New York panel. Featuring the MTA’s Chris Pangilinan, Council Member Joseph Borelli, Council member Gale A. Brewer, T-Mobile’s Charles O’Shea, and Ryan White from Jacobs, Justin kicked off the panel by contextualizing the current state of the NY transit system and urging the guests to ask themselves what providing transportation access and innovation really means.  

In an era of unprecedented funding coming into transit projects nationwide, the panel gathered experts from a variety of sectors to discuss how to improve the country’s most robust and dense transit system while also considering the needs of all five boroughs. They touched on topics such as congestion pricing, social service concerns, repair and upgrade initiatives, fare evasion, and more. The panel produced some fireworks when the conversation turned to both micromobility and congestion pricing.