GSG Statement: Abortion Wins Big in Ohio

On behalf of the entire team at Global Strategy Group, we are thrilled to celebrate last night’s successes alongside our colleagues, clients, and friends across the country. Without a doubt, voters made their voices heard to protect the issues that affect us all and to elect the Democratic candidates who fight alongside us.

We are especially proud of the overwhelmingly successful work with our partners at Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights to win on Ohio Issue 1, codifying abortion protections into the state constitution. Ohioans sent an unmistakable message: abortion should be legal, and they will show up to protect it. In fact, in a state where 53% of voters cast their ballots for Trump in 2020, nearly 57% supported this pro-abortion ballot amendment. As the most conservative state to win a proactive pro-abortion amendment yet, Ohio’s victory clearly demonstrates our collective power to turn out and persuade voters on this issue.