Founding Partner and CEO Jon Silvan Named on 2023 NYC Power 100

GSG’s Founding Partner and CEO Jon Silvan is named as one of City and State’s NYC Power 100. The New York City Power 100 extends beyond elected officials, putting a well-deserved spotlight on influential political appointees, prosecutors, union presidents, business and health care executives, lobbyists, journalists, nonprofit leaders and advocates who are shaping politics and policies across the city’s five boroughs.

Gov. Kathy Hochul stuck with Global Strategy Group to do her polling in a challenging year for Democrats, just as the firm did for her predecessor, Andrew Cuomo, and many other high-profile Democrats in New York and nationally. That’s because Jon Silvan and his team have been fiercely loyal to their client, whom they helped win a congressional seat in a special election a dozen years ago. Silvan’s firm is poised for further growth after the Italy-based company SEC Newgate purchased a significant stake in Global last spring.

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