A big congrats to our partners in Kansas

Yesterday marked a huge victory for Kansans across the state and was a critical moment for protecting abortion rights in our country. Despite the challenging environment of a primary electorate in a conservative state, Kansans decisively voted against taking the right to abortion out of their state constitution, a move that ultimately would have paved the way for a complete abortion ban without any exceptions.  

GSG is proud to be part of the team that helped defeat the so-called “Value Them Both” constitutional amendment in Kansas, protecting abortion rights for Kansans following the Supreme Court’s striking down of Roe v Wade earlier this year. This win was a monumental team effort that required base activation, persuasion, and tamping down opposition. The result may have shocked many, but we’ve always seen that support for abortion rights can cross the partisan divide when the right messages are used.   

One illustrative example of how we tapped into the right messages is the campaign’s first spot that the campaign’s media consultants, GMMB created: “Mandate.” Our research showed that key voters we needed to win over were tired of government overreach and mandates, valuable insights that steered the themes and language in the ad.  

Our research also showed that the campaign needed to make it clear to voters exactly what this confusing amendment would do: pave the way for an outright abortion ban, without exceptions, even in the case of rape, incest, and the health of the mother. Taking this into account, GMMB produced “Not Alone,” “Decision,” and “Facts”.

We want to extend a big congratulations to our clients and friends at Kansans for Constitutional Freedom, and the entire campaign team, including Mission ControlGMMB, and GPS Impact. GSG feels privileged to have been a part of this team.

This victory in Kansas is an incredible first step in protecting abortion rights across the country in a post-Roe world, and we are looking ahead to the next battle over a similar amendment on the ballot in November in Kentucky. GSG is committed to being a part of this effort to restore abortion rights to all Americans.