An integrated campaign to protect health care benefits

Medicare Advantage is a public-private partnership through which health insurance providers deliver comprehensive medical coverage to Americans over 65 and individuals with disabilities. Today, nearly 30 million Americans — over 40% of all those eligible for Medicare — choose Medicare Advantage plans because of their high-quality services, access to care, and value.

With Medicare Advantage facing devastating cuts and an uncertain future, the Coalition for Medicare Choices brought in THE L@B to mobilize seniors and other program beneficiaries with the goal of demonstrating public support for Medicare Advantage.

The way in

THE L@B creative team developed a campaign concept, 27 MILLION, that played on the strength of the united voice of Medicare Advantage enrollees. Our media team planned and executed a comprehensive paid media campaign with placements spanning social, digital, print, television, and out-of-home. Ads moved our target groups to engage with the campaign and take action online.

The success. 

Over the course of 4 months, Coalition for Medicare Choices messaging was seen over 75 million times by Americans in 34 states. Through creative content and insightful targeting, the campaign resulted in three times higher engagement than previous campaigns. In the end, Congress protected funding for Medicare Advantage for the people who rely on it. 

Find success with us.  

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