GSG’s Eye on the Economy: June 2022

Global Strategy Group is excited to share the next installment of our Eye on the Economy research series.
This report looks at the complicated issues contributing voters’ views on the economy, where voters believe government can play a larger role, and a potential path forward.

Key Insights:

  • Where we are today. Voters are increasingly pessimistic about the state of the economy – with 7 in 10 rating the economy as poor. Voters think we’re headed towards a recession that will last more than a year and that economic turbulence is being driven by some fundamental problems facing the economy. Economic perceptions among Democratic voters who are less likely to turnout are more aligned with independents and Republicans than high propensity Democrats on several metrics. 
  • What’s driving perceptions. Unsurprisingly, voters find inflation to be the most important issue facing our economy, though blame for inflation is mixed. Lower-income voters and Democrats are more likely to blame corporate greed than government spending – Republicans the opposite. 
  • Where we go from here. Neither party has a clear advantage on having a “plan” to solve inflation or having policies that voters think are good for them and while there are certainly partisan dynamics that will prevent Democrats from ever gaining the advantage, there is an opening here on this issue.  
  • Potential paths. Voters don’t think the government is doing enough to address these issues, and believe big changes are needed. Democrats should articulate that addressing inflation is the priority and highlight (and implement) policies that convey the urgency of the problem, such as expanding production of goods to improve supply and lower costs, and providing tax relief for hard-working Americans. 

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