New York Metro Area Issues Survey II

New RPA/GSG Survey Shows Waning Optimism About Direction Of The NYC Metro Region’s Future

A new Regional Plan Association (RPA) / Global Strategy Group (GSG) survey shows NYC metro region residents are significantly less optimistic about the region’s pandemic recovery and overall future than they were in our March 2021 survey.

Faced with an ongoing pandemic, acute affordable housing crisis, and widespread concern about rising crime, poll results show 41% of residents are satisfied with the overall direction the region is headed, compared to 50% back in March 2021. The overall RPA-GSG Metro Outlook Index Score (a measure of satisfaction across core issues for the metro area from housing to climate resilience) — while still positive — has also dropped to 54.9% from 57.3%. 

Important takeaways from the poll data include:

  • People are less optimistic about pandemic recovery now as compared to 6 months ago.
  • Wide disparities in outlook continue to exist by gender, income, and race.
  • Crime now tops the list of issues that residents want leaders to focus on, followed by jobs and the economy.
  • The high cost of living remains a top issue, and respondents are strongly supportive of proposals that could help address the affordable housing crisis.
  • A clear majority of residents support a green energy future for the region.

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