The Rocky Mountaineer: Voters Support and Trust the Democratic Majority

Welcome to The Mountaineer, a resource for progressives and a guide for advocates across the state of Colorado, published by Global Strategy Group and ProgressNow Colorado. Research presented in this publication is the result of a survey conducted between June 17 and June 23, 2021 among 800 registered voters in Colorado.

This fifth publication will focus on the political landscape and how voters view the parties, their reactions to policies passed by the Democratic majorities during the recent legislative session, and how to talk to voters about the major issues facing the state.

In this issue…

  • Colorado voters give Democrats strong ratings and continue to trust them on the big issues
  • The Democrats’ recent legislative session earns high marks from voters, who reject GOP charges of overreach
  • Democrats win the message debate with Republicans on taxes, transportation, and criminal justice

Read the full report here.

Read the poll toplines here.