The Biden Administration: 100 Days In

The 100 day milestone has historically marked an opportunity to take stock of a new president’s tenure in office, their ability to deliver against campaign promises, and an assessment of their working relationship with Congress. More recently, it has also been a time to assess the new president’s relationship with a growing political force – corporate America.

At Trump’s 100, our Business & Politics research showed that this relationship was marked by division and uncertainty. We went back into the field to take a look at where things stand after Biden’s first 100 days.

Key takeaways:

  • There is an increased appetite for collaboration between companies and the Biden administration: 38% of Americans say corporations should work with the Biden administration all the time, compared to only 26% who expected dedicated partnership with the Trump administration.
  • Americans are voting with their wallets: More and more, Americans are boycotting (43%) or buying from (31%) a company as a result of a position they took on a social or political issue.
  • Biden’s first 100 days priorities are winning issues: Americans are more favorable toward companies who speak out on many of Biden’s signature issues, including gender equity (60% more favorable), gun violence prevention (58%), the environment (54%), and immigration (46%).

The Biden Administration 100 Days In 2021