The GSG QuaranTEAM: Angela Cervera-Vincenzo & Josiah Hernandez

Angela Cervera-Vincenzo

Director, Human Resources

Isolating in Albertson (Long Island), NY

How do you differentiate your “work” vs “personal” time?

Thankfully I have a designated office space, so once I leave the space for the day I TRY not to check my mobile phone.

Which remote working adjustments do you hope will translate back to the office?

Although I absolutely despise the way I appear on video, I do think video calls are a better option for communicating at times instead of phone and email. Given the difficult times, it’s good to see people’s expressions.

What is the first thing you plan to do post-isolation?

Give a big hug to my parents and have a nice meal out in a restaurant.

What is the last show you binge watched or guilty pleasure movie of choice?

Just finished Mad Men – I had worked in advertising many moons ago. It was good to see the dynamics but also unbelievable how chauvinistic the work environment was.

Have you discovered any hidden talents or taken up any new hobbies?

I have been cooking dinner almost every night. Before COVID, everyone in my family was so busy we rarely had dinner together during the week and often ordered out. I’m taking the time now to try different recipes – my family actually thinks I may pass for a decent cook.

Josiah Hernandez

DC EA Extraordinaire  

Isolating in DC!

What has been the biggest challenge, surprise, or learning since changing to a remote work environment? 

I’ve been so pleasantly surprised at how easy the transition was and continues to be. I also feel like my relationships with my co-workers are different than when we were in the office. Snacking all day continues to be a huge challenge. 

Have any of your strongest professional skills been tested or broken? 

Honestly, trying to figure out what is the least amount of effort I can put in to what I wear and still look okay on a Zoom call has been quite fun. 

How do you differentiate your “work” vs “personal” time? 

Like most others, I try to get to my “desk” at 9 and move to the couch at 6, with a few breaks here and there. 

What is the first thing you plan to do post-isolation? 

Brunch with friends, followed by pedicures!

What is your favorite coronavirus meme or internet creation? 

Me when someone asked what day it is.

What is the last show you binge watched or guilty pleasure movie of choice? 

Clueless. (I’ve watched it twice in quarantine.)