The issues that drove our summer

We’re proud to be working hand in hand with advocates and experts to understand public opinion on the most pressing issues facing our country, and providing our clients with strategic guidance to help them mobilize, persuade, and win.

Here’s a look at some of the resources we’ve released this summer.


Protecting Women’s Reproductive Rights
Navigator report with message guidance for Dems on abortion bans


We played a role in the big climate wins in Colorado and Nevada earlier this summer along with Conservation Colorado, the Nevada Conservation League, Western Resource Advocates, Environmental Defense Fund, the Sierra Club and the rest of the conservation community in Colorado and Nevada.

Gun Violence Prevention

Candidates’ positions on guns will be a deciding factor for Democratic primary voters
Democratic primary research with Giffords

Health Care

Navigating the Medicare Debate
Navigator report with message guidance for Dems on Medicare for All

Immigration Reform

How Democrats can engage in immigration in 2020
Guidance on how Dems can talk about immigration with The Immigration Hub

Political Corruption 

Why Presidential Candidates are Talking About Political Corruption
Widely-covered polling with End Citizen’s United


How to Fight Back Against Trump’s Trade War
Navigator report with message guidance for Dems