Americans Oppose Abortion Bans: How to Talk About it

Progressives have effective ways to lead the fight to protect women’s reproductive rights – with the public firmly on their side

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In the wake of abortion laws being passed in several states around the country, we examined where Americans really stand when it comes to abortion.

The result? The public strongly opposes these bans and there are a number of ways to talk about it.

What we found:

  • The abortion bans have broken through in a major way. There is near universal (89%) awareness of the bans passed in Alabama and other states.
  • Americans strongly oppose laws banning abortion. Adding context and detail about what the laws will do heightens opposition.
  • Biggest concern about the bans: they take away women’s rights.The best way to talk about the abortion bans is to tap into the public’s concerns that they take away women’s rights and freedoms. In a language test asking respondents to select the words that best describe the abortion bans, “anti-women” (35%), “government overreach” (34%), and “oppressive” (32%) rise to the top.