How to Talk About Political Reform

Many reforms are popular – but framing and education are key (Plus… new findings on taxes and the Mueller Report) 

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Reformers are turning their sights to fundamental questions about how American government is broken – and who has representation. The public shares an interest in these core values, but low awareness of specific proposals, such as term limits for the Supreme Court, abolishing the Electoral College, and statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico, makes framing and education particularly important. The debate over the future of America’s democracy is just taking shape.

Other topics up this month:

  • Tax Day. Now that they have seen what the 2017 Republican tax law means for their own finances, Americans are… still opposed. And progressives are in a strong position to continue to argue the Republicans and Trump administration favor the wealthy over everyone else.
  • Mueller Report. Ahead of Thursday’s (redacted) release, Americans already doubted the administration’s “exoneration” narrative and saw the issue of wrongdoing as still “inconclusive” – and there are growing fears Trump will get away with his misdeeds.
  • FOX News. ICYMI: Our widely-covered memo on the media echo-chamber of the FOXhole.

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