JT Ennis

Associate, Communications & Public Affairs

JT found his passion for politics at a young age watching Meet the Press with Tim Russert Sunday mornings with his family. Since then, he’s honed his political involvement in communications ­– recognizing that effective messaging is paramount to influence positive change.

A former intern turned Associate, JT works with the New York Communications and Public Affairs team to help clients achieve their strategic objectives through carefully crafted messaging campaigns and advocacy efforts.

Prior to joining GSG, JT worked on Capitol Hill in key House and Senate leadership offices as a legislative intern for the House Foreign Affairs Committee and as a press intern for Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer. Born in Manhattan and raised in Westchester, JT has a deep interest in politics at the federal, state, and city levels.

JT graduated from NYU in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in (you guessed it) politics.

Outside the office you can find JT playing pick-up basketball at Tompkins, taking his bicycle uptown, shooting pool at a local dive bar, and convincing people Joe’s is the best pizza on planet Earth.