Joshua Doss

Associate, Research

Growing up in a politically and culturally divisive part of the west side of Chicago, Joshua spent his younger years playing basketball in the park until sundown, avoiding political conversations and drawing cartoons for his comic books. Nonetheless, his intrigue regarding the gang violence, racial segregation and disproportionate flow of wealth in his city lead him to purse a Political Science degree from the University of South Dakota.

Since then Joshua has gained professional experience using metrics driven analytics to lead a field office as the Regional Organizing Director in J.B. Pritzker’s 2018 Illinois campaign for Governor. Joshua also served as an Advance Site Lead for Senator Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign prior to becoming Beto O’Rouke’s Director of African American Outreach in South Carolina. During his time in South Carolina, Joshua used his passion for black involvement in the civic process, his comprehension of voter trends and management skills to develop field and communication strategies to expand the black electorate of the state.

At Global Strategy Group, Joshua engages his admiration for politics and infatuation with voter trends to conduct opinions research studies for political and corporate clients.

In his free time, Joshua can be found wasting his time brainstorming funny tweets in his losing battle to make one go viral or at Barnes & Noble buying another new book just to go home and read Master and Man by Leo Tolstoy for the 129th time.