Amplifying an Organization’s Policy Leadership

The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the world’s largest multidisciplinary scientific society, has partnered with GSG to raise the organization’s visibility as an advocate for science-based policymaking. While the organization has a strong reputation as the leading publisher of cutting-edge research and as a resource for policymakers, it recognized there was more to be done to reach a broader audience with information about the crucial role that science plays in informing all aspects of public policy.

We have worked with AAAS to amplify its existing work, including elevating the profile of the Golden Goose Awards, which recognize seemingly obscure, federally-funded research projects that have led to major breakthroughs. With an enhanced social media strategy and targeted media outreach, news of this year’s award reached far beyond the award ceremony invitees.

We have also helped the organization become more effective in responding to news in real-time and offering its perspective on breaking news stories. As a result, the AAAS CEO has been quoted in top tier stories about climate change, the impact of the attempted coup in Turkey on scientists, and the importance of presidential candidates addressing issues of science in their campaigns.

These efforts to elevate AAAS’ profile have also positioned the organization and the organization’s CEO as a go-to source for reporters covering issues of science-based policies following the 2016 Presidential Election.