Connecticut Water

A communications strategy to win a valuable contract

Connecticut Water Company provides high-quality water to more than 300,000 people across 56 towns in the state of Connecticut. The Company was vying for a multi-million dollar contract to provide water to the University of Connecticut and the Town of Mansfield – a contract critical to the company’s future success. Their main competitor was politically connected water utility favored to win the contract.

Given Connecticut Water’s political disadvantage, GSG helped design and execute a strategic communications plan that would create positive publicity for the Connecticut Water proposal. We executed an editorial strategy that showcased the benefits of the plan to key media outlets and helped the company spread the word via its social media channels. We also provided critical strategic advice and counsel in advance of key meetings with the administration and other decision makers.

In August 2013, the UConn Board of Trustees selected Connecticut Water as the preferred vendor for this project. Their Record of Decision included the results of their in-depth analysis of the merits of each proposed solution and determined that the Connecticut Water proposal was the best for the University and the Town.