Access Health CT

Positioning Connecticut as a national leader in health care reform

The initial rollout of The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) saw a number of challenges which resulted in overwhelming public negativity. Connecticut’s insurance exchange, Access Health CT (AHCT) needed to position itself in this adverse environment–ensuring satisfactory enrollment, preparing for any potential crises, and introducing itself as a national leader in the implementation of healthcare reform.

Through a carefully executed campaign, GSG helped the exchange set reasonable expectations with its constituents, sustain a successful proactive media campaign to reach its target enrollment audience, and create a crisis plan to address a variety of potential situations that could arise.

Through these strategic communications initiatives, GSG helped AHCT set its own parameters for defining success. Targeted outreach and carefully managed communications helped AHCT to double its publicly stated enrollment goal and largely avoid the controversy faced by exchanges around the country. Our crisis planning helped the exchange respond quickly and efficiently to a data breach, remain in control, and minimize a potentially large-scale disaster.

Today, Connecticut is viewed as a leader in the implementation of healthcare reform, so much so that AHCT has packaged its model and sold it to other states that are struggling to meet their goals.