Canceling Amazon HQ2: 8 things we learned from the online reaction in New York and the New York Media

Using GSG’s social media listening platform Viewfinder, we looked at the Twitter conversation around the cancellation of Amazon’s plan’s to bring its second headquarters to New York City. Below are eight things we saw.

News Driving Discussion: At its peak, there were almost 12,000 tweets per hour from New Yorkers about the cancellation of plans to build Amazon’s HQ2 in Queens.

Past Its Prime (day): The cancellation of HQ2 in Queens provoked more discussion about Amazon among New Yorkers than any other event in the past year.

Celebration, Laughter, Fight the Power: More than 10 percent of those who tweeted applauded the announcement using ?, ?, or ✊.

AOC Driving Engagement: Posts from and about Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were the most shared among New Yorkers.

A Changing Conversation: In the days since the news broke, the conversation has moved to focus on the employment and tax implications.

Behind the News: After sharing New York Times reporter J. David Goodman’s tweet breaking the news, the New York City media quickly moved to focus on the key players in the deal’s collapse.

A Victory Lap?: City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer tweeted about Amazon 35 times between February 14 and 17.

Celebration Fades: While posts from City Council Members were mostly positive about the news on Thursday, supportive posts have declined while criticism stayed steady.

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