Tanya Meck’s Take: Top Political Tweeters on This Week’s CT Capitol Report

Top Political Tweeters

Each week, GSG’s Tanya Meck joins a panel of communications and political strategists on “CT Capitol Report” (airs on 10:30am, Sunday mornings, on Fox CT). Tanya shares her political savvy and showcases her communications expertise while throwing a few friendly punches at her colleagues around the table.

Tanya Broadcast

Joining us on today’s show was Mayor Mark Boughton (R- Danbury, CT) who is currently running for his 7th term…or for CT Governor.  Recently named one of the best political tweeters in the world byBusiness Insider magazine, the Mayor joins New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) as one of the 15 Politicians Who Are Killing It On Twitter.

From Business Insider: “Danbury isn’t the most glamorous city in the U.S., but its Mayor is a great source of hilarity, both intentional and unintentional, on Twitter. In June, Mayor Boughton live-tweeted a bear rescue from a Danbury tree, but it’s his day-to-day hashtag use, attempts at youthful slang, and random musings that are the true gems of his feed.” 

One thing Mayor Boughton (@Mayor Mark and known as BigPoppa to his followers) confirmed for us is that he doesn’t outsource his tweets – evidenced during our breaks in taping.  And that authenticity is probably one of the things that have attracted BigPoppa’s nearly 12,000 followers.

It’s a good risk and reward lesson for politicians active on social media – say what you want, and say it yourself. You may take some heat for it on occasion, but it’s a lot more interesting and engaging that way! (Now that BigPoppa is following me back, maybe I’ll have to make an extra effort to actually tweet more regularly!).

Separately, a brief shout out to CT Rep. Jim Himes (@jahimes)who also makes the Top 15 for his “approachable,” “amusing,” and “politically informative” approach on Twitter.

To view the full broadcast of Capitol Report, click here.

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