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Digiday: Why brands make political statements now

Digiday featured an article on the increased flexibility brands have to make political statements than ever before. The article includes findings from our 2014 annual study “Business & Politics: Do… Read more »

FOX Business: Should Companies Take a Stance on Political Issues?

FOX Business Nick Interview

GSG’s Nick Gourevitch was on FOX Business “After The Bell” discussing key findings and insights from our 2014 annual study “Business & Politics: Do They Mix?” You can view the… Read more »

GSG Election Night Guide

election night guide

We understand that the upcoming midterm elections may not be the top priority for normal people living in the real world. But there’s a lot at stake in the elections… Read more »

Washington Post: Looking to attract the last of the undecided voters? Advertise online.

Despite being bombarded by TV ads in the final days of the 2014 midterm campaigns, undecided voters (yes, they do exist) are going online before they decide how to cast… Read more »

The Holmes Report: Companies Have a Political Persona Whether They Like it or Not

Panel photo 1

This week, GSG hosted a panel discussion on the intersection of business and politics at the 2014 Holmes Report Global PR Summit. The “Mixing Business & Politics: The Implications for… Read more »

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Message Strategy: Just the Facts Can Be Just as Effective (If Not More)

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